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Indigo’s mini-drama series ‘The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby’ airs on BBC1

Kindle Entertainment has updated Charles Dickens’ classic novel ‘The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby''. Paying homage to a great writer the contemporary take on Charles Dickens’ classic novel is both innovative and engaging.

Writer Joy Wilkinson has successfully updated the themes presented by Dickens and enhanced them to fit within a modern setting. The Lady described the script as ‘deftly done.’ Wilkinson''s ability to showcase how Dickens’ underlying ideas are still culturally relevant today highlights how significant Charles Dickens’ work is within society.

Nick Nickleby received an abundance of praise with The Independent commending it for being ‘a brisk, bold treatment,'' whilst the Guardian concurred describing it as ‘daytime Dickens done right’. Nick Nickleby is both thought-provoking and imaginative. Combining a stellar cast with a cleverly written script this makes for a magnificent mini-drama series, which has introduced Dickens to a whole new audience.