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Great British Ghosts explored the most haunted property in Britain during its one-hour Halloween special

Michaela Strachan is back for a one-hour special as she guides us through one of the most infamous properties in the country. Plagued with mystery, Carnfield Hall in Derbyshire was once home to the notorious Robert Revell, the Squire of Carnfield during the 1700s, it is no wonder there have been many reports of ghostly sightings.

With the help of local paranormal researcher and historian, Richard Felix, owners Graham Oliver and Heidi Harrison-Price and former owner James Cartland, Michaela gets an insight into the activities that have taken place over the years and gets a first-hand experience of the paranormal activities when psychic investigator Michelle Stavert conducts a late night séance.

The Halloween special opens the doors to a historical haven, Carnfield Hall has many secrets and this Halloween special investigates the facts behind the stories.