Indigo Film & Television Ltd

Sizzling hot cookery show Kung Fu Kitchen storms channels worldwide

February 2011

Kungfu Kitchen is an action-packed culinary adventure delving into the highly-disciplined cooking techniques of some of Asia''s best-known specialities.

This elaborate cookery series is a sizzling hot prospect for the New Year! From Kung Fu Tea to Kung Fu Noodles, Kung Fu Kitchen is tantalizing the taste buds of some of the best television channels worldwide.

Last year, Indigo Film and Television sold Kung Fu Kitchen to TVB Hong Kong, Fox International Channels India, Leland International Corporation. Pty Ltd China, SBS Australia and New Zealand, Channel (Canal +), Poland and Z1 TV, Czech Republic.

Keep your eyes peeled for this entertaining and adrenaline pumping cookery experience. Don’t try this at home - watch this at home!