Indigo Film & Television Ltd


Indigo is independent in every sense. In an increasingly fragmented and growing marketplace, we remain an autonomous body with extensive experience, strong relationships and an established reputation. This means we answer to you (not city share prices) and we are a team that you will grow to know and trust - most of us have been here for five years or more!

We are a proactive company that prides ourselves on our personal approach with all clients - be they producers/content creators or Licensees.

Since Indigo's inception we have handled a diverse selection of projects covering all genres and utilising a wide range of investment models, with content sourced from some of the leading producers from around the globe.

INDIGO does not operate a 'published catalogue' which ensures that programmes are never a 'one market wonder', but constantly revitalised and refreshed and re-offered.

Every project is different, but with over 30 years collectively and 10 years running Indigo's investment portfolio we are confident that we can offer a creative and competitive approach to project funding.

We operate weekly 'new project' meetings and welcome submissions from producers of all formats and genres and from producers with all levels of experience.

If you have a project that you are interested in Indigo distributing either domestically, internationally or worldwide, please register here and follow our submissions process.

Please note that once you have a log in, you will be able to review a full tableau of all your submissions and the feedback. Additionally, we will be adding reporting funcitionality to this section in due course.